We’d tried running Nurses Clinics on and off for the last 20 years and they really hadn’t worked, a big push this year culminating in our Nursing Consulting day on Bertha has finally seen them come to successful fruition.

The day takes a bit of organising but is hugely enjoyable and stimulates the entire team (we had everyone, vets, nurses and managers attend) to get the clinics up and running. It generates lively discussion for days afterwards and helped me implement novel ideas and, just as importantly, drop some ideas that up until that point I had thought were useful. Highly recommended as part of setting up Nurses Clinics.

Michael Clarke, Withy Grove Veterinary Clinic

Onswitch created and led a team session with us a few years back and I was really pleased with the results. Shaping our approach together, as to how we put the customer at the heart of everything we do, was so valuable – everybody had a say and everybody learned practical skills that are now used every day. Both clinical and customer care teams really got to grips with the key stages of the customer journey where their impact is crucial and we’ve gone through 5 Steps and 7 Steps training on Bertha so that everyone approaches customer care the same way. With this common approach, it’s easy for me as a manager to measure performance through Index reporting and comparing results, whilst the team have clear benchmarks to deliver and can celebrate tangible successes.

The Train, Measure, Manage process has brought clarity for all of us, which has in turn made us a stronger team deliver excellent customer care. And with the customer as our ultimate boss, that’s crucial.

Adam Tjolle, Inglis Vets

The Fixer report weighed in at over 100 pages, detailing the findings of a range of research with clients, local owners and pet care businesses, as well as a comprehensive audit of four key aspects of our business:

– Team
– Customers
– Operational Effectiveness
– Finances

Research showed that standards of customer care and very high and our clients really value the service we provide, although awareness in the local area could have been higher. As a result we have since focused on raising our profile in the Newark and surrounding area, through a range of marketing and communication activities. The Fixer also recommended improving exterior signage to help passing potential clients to find us, as well as developing a Friend-Get-Friend scheme to reward clients who recommend us to friends and family. We’ve acted on both these recommendations and have seen an increase in new client registrations as a result.

More than a year on, we frequently refer to the Fixer as a reminder of the progress we continue to make towards our challenging objectives. Every practice has areas where it can improve, and I thoroughly recommend a Fixer to help you prioritise where focus will deliver the best returns.

Jonathan Newman, Newman Watters Vets

We’re always looking to further improve the service we give to our clients, but it can be difficult to appraise your own performance. In addition to seeking regular feedback from clients, it was really valuable to read the BEMS student’s ideas and findings – we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile, and our Mini Fixer is another tool to help us measure performance in order to keep standards high.

Verity Johnson, Sandhole Veterinary Centre

Thank you very much for the Mini Fixer Report – two have just come by post and they look really smart. I’ve put a keen member of the team on to it – she’ll look to action the recommendations. Special thanks to your BEMS student Tom, he’s done a grand job and his information will help us move our objectives on a bit faster!

Anne Stewart, Robson and Prescott Vets

We use the Onswitch Index every month as an accurate and effective tool to randomly monitor the quality of our call answering. In this way we ensure that we maintain our high standards and can give the team appropriate feedback.
The quality of training and telephone customer care have each dramatically improved since we started to use the Onswitch Index, and we consider it a crucial part of our practice CP.

Ian Stroud, Vet4Life

Jackie Elsey, our Customer Care supervisor, receives the Index mystery shopper report each month. She shares its contents with the whole team, as everyone in our practice is trained to answer a ringing phone, not just the reception team. The charts are clearly presented, so it’s easy to see how we’ve done, compared both to recent months and to the national average in each measure.

Jackie picks the best and the worst calls for each month and invites the person involved to listen privately with her, critiquing the performance together using Onswitch’s assessment sheet. Good calls are praised and any disappointing calls are discussed so that improvements can be agreed. She also picks up on any common weak areas or trends and highlights improvement (for example, ‘direct clients to the website’) as a ‘Feature of the month’, pinned to computer screens and at the reception desk to remind everyone to take action

Willow Veterinary Centres