White whine

Team Onswitch have been on the road even more than usual of late.

So far, so good.

Until we got to Luton.


After a hard day’s CPD, we just fancied a nice chilled glass of wine. Not an unreasonable request in a successful international chain of renowned hostelries.

But there was no wine to be had.

Yes, that’s right – no wine.

Shurely shome mishtake?


But no, after much searching, the staff were able to offer only a half-empty bottle of Chenin Blanc. Somewhat aghast, we declined, and gamely moved our watches on to Pimms o’clock.


The embarrassed bar staff told us that the previous night’s private parties had decimated the stocks, but it seems incredible to us that a large hotel, well-used to hosting functions and corporate events, could run dry.

It’s not as though wine hangs around long enough to go off (certainly not at chez Onswitch!), so just make sure you’ve always got loads in. It is that simple.


The same goes for your practice. It’s summer time, people go on holiday.

Plan ahead and ensure that your staffing rota fills the gaps.

Plan ahead and order in more good weather ‘stuff’ – dog bowls, tick removers, pet passports, kennel cough vaccinations; whatever you know you sell more of when the weather’s good.

Just plan ahead.


Much as we’re always surprised when we get good weather in Britain, the summer holidays are a given, they roll around every year. There’s no excuse for running out of the basics, especially when there’s another practice or pet store around the corner with plenty of stocks, and happy, welcoming staff.


Now, where’s that glass?…







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