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2 days ago


Fascinating evening read
The Research Note section looking at the nature of customer feedback over time and how it changes.
The data shows clearly that folks who are surveyed early in an experience say one thing and later on say another and they regress to the mean score for the organisation
This is interesting for vets as those who were unhappy in the moment are likely to revert to the mean score over time and those who thought you were fab will be less gushing later as they revert to mean too!
So the key findings are
1. Folks change their minds
2. Those who are unhappy initially will move to the mean score over time - good news
3. Surveys need to be 2 phase, so a one off survey isnt enough, needs to be done later to get the view that becomes the word of mouth

Always good to challenge thinking and this is why doing a single NPS score in the moment isn’t what becomes the word of mouth later ,as folks’ memory of the experience changes over time.

We need to measure what they say later not in the moment

This is all part of memory formation understanding and based on some very useful research that won a Nobel prize
So understanding customer experience is key and single one off experience surveys are not as helpful as repeat programmes eg ask the same client in a month how they feel not just on the day !
Service quality measures using other assessment are perfect for getting processes improved and perfected
Measure what happens and make it better
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4 days ago


Just seen this fab update from our friends at VetHQ in Sydney
Geoff Golovsky Vet HQ #Geoffisode videos are fab and this one was just great
Geoff uses video to keep his clients updated and this one talks through what’s happening with clients coming back into the practice.
Australia are well ahead of the U.K. on their bounce back phase, so we aren’t in the same place but the principle of communicating soon and often stands.
Sharing this #Geoffisode here to give you some ideas of what we mean by #Authentic updates and inspire you to help your clients know what you are doing.
Enjoy the video.
Geoff we need more info about the hole in the wall!
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5 days ago


Another fascinating piece in HBR about how best to learn and how we may better manage and coach our teams
The author talks about her research and the findings that for most folks learning from “failure feedback” appears not to work as well as learning from “success feedback”
One exception around “experts” who take learning from failure feedback .
So as with all things one to ponder but the old adage for managers is :
“Got to catch folks doing something right”
Sadly many cultures are built on feedback about what went wrong!
Make sure you find time to see your teams doing a good job and then tell them what was good “Success Feedback” ... dont just tell them what’s gone wrong “Failure Feedback”
If you dont currently subscribe to HBR we would strongly recommend it as a worthwhile stimulating read
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5 days ago


Weekend reading

Fascinating article about “Trust” and it’s role in leadership
Trust is key in so many relationships within vet practices and this article focussed on leaders, but it could so easily be about client and customer relationships

In the article they talk about “Trust Triangle” having 3 key aspects :


The piece talks about knowing your “wobble” area and learning how to be better in that area.

So which of these do you feel is your “Wobble” area to think about and develop?


One to ponder this weekend
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1 week ago


Hello everyone

As we head into the weekend we wanted to share our thoughts on the “BounceBack” plan

One of the key aspects of the post covid times will be how we get all the patients seen and helped whilst taking longer time and maintain the business with lower revenue and the same cost base

The question is a tough one and there will be a few ways to get through this, most involving modifying hours worked by folks and the ways of working

Alisons experience of cancelling flights highlights three different ways of Operational Effectiveness

Qantas are highly effective
BA were not great
Malaysia have been awful

So a simple process made complex by BA and Malaysia yet Qantas made it easy

Well Qantas has thought it through and had understood the customer journey and how being operationally more effective would help not just the passenger eg Alison, but the Qantas team too.

So in this video we talk about understanding where we can change what we do to make it less effort for the customer and more streamlined for the practice team

Making the Customer Experience seamless

So have a listen and then map your journey
Map the customer journey by key touchpints
First contact
First call
First consult

Map each of these so you see what actually happens and make it smoother and easier

Each step of the customer journey will have a process map and you can then make it more effective
A process map is a step by step flow chart of what happens, who does what, how long it takes and is each key step dissected to a level of detail that shows you were duplication is happening

You will see duplication of effort and activities that are a bit random

Once you have this map for each key step First Contact, First Call, and First Consult you can see how to make it easier all round and get TIME back

We have been doing this for years so if you need help let us know
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Watching consults via video 🇦🇺#ConsultCoach
Feedback 1:1 for clinicians perfect CPD
Vet leaves room 5 minutes
Child asks parent where’s vet gone
Mum “I dont know where .. or why..”
Critical client knows where you have gone & why!
1:1 coaching
#7Steps #ConsultationSkills #CX

Final year vet students & small animal and mixed vets- do you have 10-15 mins to spare for this survey on confidence in radiograph interpretation? We would be most grateful! 🐾🕵️‍♀️📚 #ResearchMatters #vetlife #radiographs


“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”
So if something is annoying you, it won’t change until you do something different
Change the situation by changing what you do
Your choice to change it
Not easy

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