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23 hours ago


Another fabulous update from a practice creating connections
Well done to Willow Vet Centres on this great personal, authentic and genuine post
Take a moment to read all the lovely comments from their community
Especially like the comment about seeing “.. all the familiar faces “
Clients are connected to the #OneVetTeam who care for them and that’s everyone 👍
Front desk superstars , nurses , vets , managers and everyone else who they know and see or hear when they visit and call
So as we work our way through these next few weeks and months let’s stay connected with your local communities and make sure they see all of the #OneVetTeam
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1 day ago


Afternoon all
Tea break time 👍
Onswitch Team are having a Social connect every day at 10.30 am and 3 pm
It’s so important to have a routine for catch ups and connections in these times
So we have a question for you, we would like your help to decide what topics you would like Alison to do as a webinar next week
Making time to do some CPD for the whole team around the customer journey and experience in these unusual times is one way to fill those furlough down times
So give us your wish list
We are going to do a weekly free webinar on topics relating to Customer Experience
So we need a list of topics so please send your requests
We look forward to your ideas
Thankyou in advance
#StaySafe #StayHome #OneVetTeam
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2 days ago


Another great outbound communication video here from Wensum Valley Vets
It’s such a great way to connect with owners prior to them needing a remote consultation
Loving this video series and so helpful for owners to be prepared to help their vet if they need to
Just brilliant

#OneVetTeam #StaySafe
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2 days ago


Welcome to Monday

Alisons thought for today is about where we go from here and noticing what we are doing that we want to hang on to

When this is all over there will be a new way of doing business in Vet care

So what are you doing that you want to keep ?
What is working well?
What is proving tricky?
What’s skills, knowledge, kit or resources are missing ?

In these tricky times it’s so good to see practices embracing their clients needs and the daily videos are great, helping owners navigate Vet care

Taking time to plan ahead now will make later a lot easier
Building databases of Clients who have missed appointments or procedures is critical, as when this is over you will have several months of patients who need seen and they may call on Day 1 of “Normal service resumed”!

Start a big flip chart of learnings, what do you want to keep doing ,what is working well and what needs help?!

So have a look and ask any questions we are happy to help
#StaySafe #OneVetTeam
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3 days ago


Welcome to Sunday
Sleep seems to be a rare thing at the moment, so early mornings hearing the birds and walking the dog are part of the “new” normal

So delving deeper into the Economist reveals a short piece all about framing of messages, in this instance health care COVID19 ones
Starting with a piece of research done in 1981 about an unusual disease that is going to kill a lot of people !

Many of you will recall Alisons love of all things social science and the work of Daniel Kahneman Nobel prize winner and author of many fab books “Thinking, Fast and Slow “being a particular favourite
Well in these COVID19 times what and how we are saying things really matters

So it was interesting to read this piece

The messages about what needs to happen to manage the virus spread has been approached in different ways across the globe

Kahnemans work showed that as humans we don’t reliably do what is logical or obvious and this is the key insight of behavioural economics
What is obvious to some is not to others, so clear and simple messages are key otherwise folks make the message validate their view of the situation.
Messages must be coherent
Mixed messages let folks follow their own biases
So a lesson to all of us
“Fewer words, better said” is needed now
A single message shared by all
If you haven’t read Daniel Kahneman add to you book list
So have a read
As the article says at the end
“You’re much more likely to tell people what they want to hear if you can’t make up your own mind “
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We are posting a weekly BLOG to help folks with what is an ever changing landscape
So take a break and have a read
Weekly videos too
So hope it helps
#StaySafe #StayHome

If you have 10 minutes to spare check out the recent BLOG posts
There will be a new one weekly as we navigate our way through these #COVID19 times
If you have some topics you would like Alison to ponder please let us know
#StaySafe #OneVetTeam

Worth a read all about recruiting for civility
The impact of rude people is significant in business cultures
Something different to read this morning
#StaySafe #OneVetTeam

Interesting reading today
Scary times
We will get through this but we will look at life very differently in a few months time
#Rebalance #Values #OneVetTeam
Pondering what will be the “new normal”?
Fewer practices?
Leaner teams & head counts?Workload changes?

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