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1 day ago


Good morning
Early start for #TeamOnswitch as we delivered a #PhoneSkills #5Steps course for a lovely practice in Sydney
The phone skills programme #5Steps is so important in these COVID times as it helps us get the calls structured, focussed and to the point quicker and more effectively

The practice in Sydney will have part 2 in 2 weeks so that they can practise their new skills and we can refine them after using them #Coaching

One thing we learnt from the practice was how they are managing the arrival at the practice.


When the client arrives there is a door bell on a table outside with a set of instructions.

So NO phone call to say “we are here”
So reducing inbound calls

Greater clarity and connectivity especially with video door bells
Such a great idea
So simple

Such a pleasure to work with folks from around the world
So if you want some phone technique polishing to help with making calls more effective focused and shorter then please let us know
Both inbound and outbound calls can be managed differently
We can do “anytime, anyplace, anywhere” #Martini ( if you dont get this Martini thing go google😜)

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2 days ago


Hello July 🙂

The last 30 days have had #VetBB Top Tips each day,
helpful stuff to try and make " now" a little better for all, both Team and Customers.
Interestingly we have had some criticism from some saying "we cant do these things" as its not what we do ....

Well if we don`t try new stuff, it just wont change!

Post COVID will NOT be the same as pre COVID

Life has changed
Work has changed
The world has changed
Clients have changed
and if we have NOT changed then its making it harder.

So pick a few #VetBB top tips to try

Our essential #VetBB top tip that makes an impact right now and people have been doing this and it is working is :

Make OUTBOUND calls for boosters, repeat meds and scheduling catch up ops.
Don`t ask them to call you
Remove that inbound call
Many have done this and life is easier

As Henry Ford said
" if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got "

if you don`t know where to start have a look at this session on Customer Journey Mapping www.onswitch.co.uk/training/the-customer-journey/
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3 days ago


So our last #VetBB for June 30th
So many Top Tips to help with the VetBounce Back that the final one is all about the Customer section of the score card
It’s worth remembering no one has run a practice during a global pandemic before, none of us know what is the “text book” approach to running a business in a pandemic!

So we have to go with our first principles

Who are the customers of the business?
What do they need?
Where can they get that from?
Why choose our practice?
The customer is king

They need help with their pets, horses and livestock and they do need veterinary input, so today’s top tip is to be honest and brutal with answering these key questions:

1. Why would anyone choose our practice? Do we know? Do the research!
2. What is it like to use our practice? Do we know? Do the research!
3. Why do folks choose to not use us when they could use us? Do we know? Do the research!
4. Where and What are our bottle necks in our customer Journey? Do we know? Do the research!
5. Do our team embrace the Customer Experience and client service quality approach at all touch points? Do we know? Do the research!

Understanding the Customer Experience makes it all a little easier to plan for the post Covid era
So if you need help please get In touch after all it’s all about the #CustomerExperience
#CX #OneVetTeam

Mint for attention

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4 days ago


Interesting front cover for this edition of Harvard Business Review

Planning time now will make a difference later

Invest time now
Get time back later


If you are stuck and dont know what to do, join us in the Boardroom

It’s all about perfecting “How”you do “What” you do and finding that “Why?” for your practice

Why choose you?
Why keep using you?
Why stop using you?

Now is the time to ask for help

Thankfully we have been through 2 big recessions and have helped folks just like you navigate the way out before


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Check out this webinar July 14th
Alison will look at what happens next for 3-6 months from now as Furlough ends and clients look at family budget #Cx #Business #Plan Chance to access 3 hour consultancy for your team Supported by MSD & EasyDirectDebits

So important that Customer experience & engagement continues within the Vet Sector & isnt lost in COVID19
Medical colleagues concerned re loss of the patient & carer voice and can see impact
To #BounceBack we need the Customer voice #CX #Measure #Research #listen #Train #Value

#VetBB the last of the TopTips all in one place
30 top tips to help with your bounce back
#OneVetTeam #VetBB #Cx

Know your customer journey
Need to manage each touch point better
Big bottle neck on inbound calls
Utilise home workers, bring back furlough teams
Furlough is for those with no work to do
Calls & work are there
Map Journey #Change #CX #Manage #Learn

Our language and choice of words bring consequences
So sad to read that “Furlough shaming” is a thing
It’s been tough for so many in the #OneVetTeam
Let’s connect with colleagues and join together as we work through this phase
#People #Communicate #Words

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