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11 hours ago


There has been a lot of discussion about how client behaviour has changed for some practices.
The forum debates about how clients have become less tolerant or more anxious is sad to read.

For so many people COVId19 has been a very worrying time for work or Health or family reasons.
So many people are struggling to see a way forward and a trip to the vet may well be more stressful than usual for many
So empathy is important in all our interactions wherever they may be.

So it is so sad to see that the USDAW Union ( shopworkers union ) has reported consistently throughout lockdown the abuse their members are working with in stores.
Physical abuse
Verbal abuse
Being spat at
Their shops wrecked
Goods damaged or stolen

So much so there’s is a private members bill due to go through parliament to protect shopworkers from this violence and abuse

Sad to read that this is necessary to protect them.

So however challenging some situations maybe, we are hearing and seeing that clients are most appreciative of their practices being there for them.

There are some amazing reviews and thank you messages for practice teams

So we can be thankful that for the majority of folks the vet practice experience is a good one and we dont need legislation to protect our teams

#CustomerExperience #CX #TeamExperience #Tx
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2 days ago


What a windy weekend so far
So today’s Economist has an updated article and opinion on the 90% economy we spoke about way back in April.

The prediction for a global recession, deep, steep and short appears to be true for some parts of the world eg China and other Asian countries.

How it looks like the U.K. ...we have a distinct issue!

The article makes the point that the U.K. will enter a recession as bad as the one from the Great Frost in 1709
We don’t recall that one a bit before our time but the nature of the U.K. GDP being so dependent on service sector and trade involving services, we look in a more wobbly place than those who are manufacturers of goods.

So even though practices are busy with new patients and new clients, the end of furlough beckons at the end of October and the redundancy and reduced hours will start to bite for many.

So for those of you feeling busy and OK that’s ok however plan beyond busy.
What happens when things slow a little
Elective surgeries slow a little
Visits ratea slow down
Budgeting for some becomes a much tougher choice

Have your plan B ready

Register those new folks
Utilise fixed term contracts
Crew up with flexi workers so you can share the up side and downside of work changing

Make it easier to work with you and choose you
Look at moving your health plans from goods and cost savings to service value and peace of mind

Look at the importance of having more clients seeing you with less frequency for vet care rather than seeing fewer clients for a lot of vet care

It’s maths
Ponder and plan

Is it better to have more clients who want to see you with less frequency or fewer clients who want to see you with less frequency?

Plan now so you are covered either way

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3 days ago


Another in the occasional series of #doingthingsdifferently
Loving this idea from Companion Care Basingstoke
A really familiar process for anyone who eats out, so simple , so easy👍
What a good way to manage your client flow and keep distances
What do you think?
#different #creative #customerexperience #cxMeet our new pagers which we have just introduced into our Reception ‘arsenal’ to help us keep our clients and colleagues as socially distanced as possible.
Ensuring our clients and colleagues are safe is a top priority in our practice; we continue to ask that all clients hand sanitise on arrival at the practice and ensure that face masks are worn. In addition, to help reduce the number of people in reception at busy times, you may be given one of these pagers – this will allow you to move well away from the reception area. We will page you when we are ready to see your pet.
Pagers will be thoroughly sanitised after each use. Thank you to our wonderful clients who have been so understanding in these difficult times.
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4 days ago


So having spent a day trying to see this as both bird and goat ...eventually got there thanks to our friends at Caroline Springs Vets in Melbourne.
So over to you to be equally infuriated by it !!
So what do you see first ?
Bird ?
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4 days ago


Public service announcement from #Shamii
Check your tumble dryer before you switch it on!
Shamii cat is helpful at times and he just wanted to say hello today
What do you think he is thinking today?
#cats #Shamii
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Today’s sad news
A reminder of how much has been hard fought for to get to “now”
Much still to do to get to “better” “fairer” “equity”

We're halfway through our webinar "How Will Automation Change the Role of the Veterinary Receptionist" 😊

Want to catch the second half or get the recording? Join here: http://ow.ly/Wezc50Btsqn

#veterinarywebinar #vetindustry #webinar

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