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1 day ago


Hello everyone
It’s a bit windy again here thanks to Storm Dennis.
So following an active discussion amongst a group of team members, about how to sort out their consulting skills, it seems appropriate to share this book and CxCongress2020 details.
It’s often very hard to find really good books about the communication aspects of being a veterinary professional

Finding work that is well researched and evidenced and practical and useful and accessible is tough.

This book is a really good place to start
Co-Written by Prof Cindy Adams who is our overseas speaker at CXCongress this year.
So check the book out it’s a great place to start.
Then check out CXCongress, come and meet Cindy and learn from her focus day on Friday and sessions in the multi stream “pic’n’mix” day.
So one to plan this weekend.

Communicating with people to help our patients is tough
It’s a skill.
It can be taught.
It has to practised like all skills.

So join us and let’s make the one thing you do 20+ times every day of the week even better
#Consults #CXCongress www.onswitch.co.uk/cx-congress-2020/
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2 days ago


Alison Lambert will be delivering three dates across Australia in May this year, we will be in:

Friday 1st May – Perth

Thursday 7th May – Melbourne

Monday 18th May – Sydney

Book online onswitchaustralia.com/australia/australia-training/ or email info@onswitchaustralia.com.

Look forward to see you there! 😊
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2 days ago


Good morning folks and welcome to the #mshotw. This weeks call is an ongoing challenge that front of house teams face. Let us know what you do in practice to handle these calls. Have you put measures in place long term if they were happening regularly?
Share your top tips in the comments below!

P: Good afternoon XXX vets XXX speaking
C: Good afternoon, I wanted to look into getting our cat spayed and I would like to know how much it would be please?
P: Of course, I will just take your phone number and I will give you a ring straight back so its XXX and your name is?
C: Not to worry, I'll call back a bit later if that helps. My names XXX so I'll call back this afternoon?
P: Right XXX no problem I will speak with you later today.
C: Thank you, bye
P: Bye.
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5 days ago


Welcome to Tuesday and #Shamii is starting his day with some crumble mix!
Who knew cats like crumble ?!
Anyway on this chilly and windy day what do you think he is thinking today?
Stay safe
Be more #Shamii
#Shamii #cattitude
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The lived experience of health care, whether human or animal patient is very real 24/7
#empathy #listen #personalise
Creating an environment where respect and empathy are created and are genuine is needed
Sadly those who don’t yet get this need it most #learning

CX Congress have announced that Professor Cindy Adams is delivering a whole day of evidence-based practical learning on Friday 12th June that will help every member of the practice team communicate more effectively in difficult situations. https://buff.ly/39EKX7j @OnswitchLtd

@OnswitchLtd interesting reading... my take on this is that people want ‘easy’. Life’s difficult enough. Reduce friction, remove barriers...

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