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14 hours ago


Really interesting section in the Sunday Times today about the way eating and cooking habits have changed during Covid19

So what has this for to do with veterinary care?!

The change in customer behaviour will follow as the folks who have changed how they buy and eat are also your clients!

Notice the big trends

1. Grow your own
2. Use better ingredients
3. Shop local
4. Order in
5. Be kind
6. Read smart
7. Stay chilled
8. Avoid queues

These 8 trends are being noticed by most market watchers for most regular purchases

So how can you modify what you do?
How to communicate what you do to help folks choose you and stay with you?

Local is you!👍
Read smart is your web site 👍
Avoid queues is your home deliver and click and collect 👍
Be Kind is your local charity support 👍
Order in is also home delivery of meds and food 👍

So one to have a think about
What other things could fit in these trends?

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2 days ago


One to ponder this weekend

Trust is an enabler of great patient outcomes.
Once an owner trusts you, they are more likely to say YES to your treatment plans.

The creation of trust is based on many aspects:

1. Reliability " you do what you said you would do"
2. Credibility " you know your stuff!"
3. Intimacy " you make our relationship personal"

So for you to build trust each individual little moment matters.
Each small moment builds up to the larger memory of the experience.
Each moment matters.
Each individual touchpoint matters.
Each memory of their contact with you matters.

All of these small moments build up the trust folks have in you and the practice.
So every touchpoint on your customer journey builds a memory
Each member of the #OneVetTeam creates a memory on the phone, in the building, online, on farm, on yard and in the consult room.

So know your customer journey
Know your touchpoints
Learn about each "moment"
As Brene Brown said:
"Trust is earned in the smallest of moments"

#Cx #TX #Touchpoints
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2 days ago


Evening all

Just spotted this lovely #doingthingsdifferently photo badge of Gail

Love the photo badge idea it really helps clients see you even when masked

All about keeping connections 👍

It will help folks see who you are

Every little helps

Thankyou to Gail Cutler for letting us share this great image
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3 days ago


On this very warm UK day we end another week of our COVID transition phase.
For many it is proving a little easier than it is for others, so what are they doing that is working well?
The first place to start is map the customer journey ....yes I know we have been saying this for 20 years now ...it is still needed!!
All about #BottleNecks
Where are they?
What are they?
Who are they?

So the big differences are these practices are doing most of these things:

1. Reduce inbound calls
2. Enable clients to self serve
3. Online book
4. Online joining up to Health plans
5. Online Prepay and Pay for services
6. Web chat enabled talk without calls!
7. Outbound calls to known predictable activity eg boosters, repeat Script meds due to run out
8. Arrival for consult outside/kerbside meet and greet
9. Apps & remote comms
So no inbound call, freeing up time for those who need you

So a great #CustomerExperience #CX today is built from different steps than pre covid -make it seamless easier & for clients and #OneVetTeam
All doable with the insight into the #touchpoints on the #CustomerJourneyMap
Map it.
Do it now.
(if you are stuck we can help)
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3 days ago


On this very,very hot day this popped up on our feed
Another example of “Doing things differently”

Benji the blogger dog helping folks do the right things

Love it👍😀

Benji the dog has a regular blog at Meadow Hall Veterinary practice

We love this and clients will love it too

Such a good way to get messages across

“Benji the blog dog ” is a gentle way of saying things and will, over time, build an audience

#CXBenji’s blog... What a weird week of lunchtime walks I’ve had. Monday I got soaked and today Mum said I couldn’t go exploring as I would get heat stroke, I didn’t know what that meant but she said I would end up not feeling very well and would need to see Auntie Sophie, our vet.

So here’s some of my tips for you and your human to avoid a trip to your vets on a day like today!

🐾 Go for a walk just after you wake up or just before bedtime when the yellow ball in the sky isn’t quite so hot (I find that’s when the sniffs come out to play!).

🐾 If you have a job like me (I feel very grown up!) you will need to pop out for a [ahem... pee] break, but stay in the shady areas and don’t go out for long.

🐾 Watch where you walk! Mum carried me over the road today as it was super hot and ouchy on my delicate puddy paws (you’ll find it the same too).

🐾 Keep drinking - I’ve left one of my water bowls outside Meadow Hall Vets so you can stop off as you pass by and have a cooling slurp (don’t worry about dribbling it happens to the best of us!).

🐾 Stay at home if your human goes out, Auntie Sophie says it’s too hot to stay in the metal box (that she calls a car) even with the windows open.

🐾 Please don’t play ball with me today, it’s tooooo hot. I know I look like I’m enjoying myself but as much as I love Auntie Sophie I really don’t want her to take my temperature!!!
If you or your human are worried at all please call us and speak to one of our lovely team who can give you advice.

Ooodles of love

Benji x
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Map your touchpoints
Where, what & who are your #bottlenecks
To make the client flow better for all #Cx & #TX we map the pre consult, consult & post consult flow
Each step- Improve or remove
#CustomerExperience #TeamExperience


veterinary community have a read of this thread
Very interesting debate re hours worked and lack of meaning/ purpose as a wellbeing issue
What do we know for veterinary sector?
Is it similar?
Hours easier to measure, purpose/ meaning harder -thoughts?
#OneVetTeam #purpose

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