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Team Onswitch have been on the road even more than usual of late. So far, so good. Until we got to Luton.   After a hard day’s CPD, we just fancied a nice chilled glass of wine. Not an unreasonable request in a successful international......

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Car tyres – not the most exciting things to spend a couple of hundred pounds on, but quite important as routine expenditure goes. Even more important than haircuts apparently.   So when the Onswitch car passed its recent MOT with an urgent advisory comment to......


1 day ago


So the #WeekendDebate today is inspired by several conversations this week with folks looking to “Open Their Own Practice” and the early signs of Spring #SnowDrops

So after much pondering and thought a question for you all

Is now the beginning of a new phase in our profession?

We have had the traditional, local, all species practices which then became the local partnership for specific species eg Pet or Farm or Equine

Then in the early 2000’s we had the start of non vet ownership and the rise of the multi site owners funded by Private Equity

So today we have 6 -7 Major Employers aka MEG( can’t help but smile at the name for some reason!)

As MEG employ vast majority of folks, say 75% is a fair estimate, then the next wave is folks leaving their MEG employment to become their own boss.

So how about this for a working hypothesis

The highly skilled, high fee earning, CDs are looking to be their own bosses as now it ain’t much fun being an employee

All the folks we have spoken to in the last 2-3 weeks are highly valued, high fee earning, highly skilled, highly experience CDs working for a MEG

So when they leave and Open their own practice what happens?

Multi sites won’t have a pool of CDs to coach, mentor and care for patients and teams

So bold prediction time

Now is the start of the next wave

New sites, owner operated and funded by those who have already sold their practices and have cash to spare and invest

So full circle

Those who sold invest in those who want to be the boss

Vets funding new sites for Vets

It’s happening

We tend to see early stage trends by the nature of what we do - working with early adopters

So there you go the #WeekendDebate is all about what next for our profession

New sites opening up funded by those who sold
Leaving MEG with a recruitment gap

Have a lovely weekend and look out for the snowdrops

And if you want to Open Your Own Practice join us in February on the course - you will be among friends x
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4 days ago


So this week has been fascinating so far

Several folks wanting help with their decision making and what to do with their practices and teams

All of whom have “ generic” information but are craving something much more personal and tailored

In the same way that reading slides isn’t interesting, helpful or educational generic information is not helping you get a true picture of your business

Each practice is unique
Locations are very different
People are very different
Teams are very different

Yet some things are a constant just like when you do a health check on a patient

Full history take
Full clinical examination
Blood and urine tests
Maybe some imaging

So looking at each practice business as an individual entity matters
Do some tests
Do a clinical exam
Take a history

It matters a lot

And that’s why doing an annual health check for your business is really important task

You will have individual sets of information, data and factors just like each patient is unique

Doing your annual business health check is a good thing

So let us know and we can help


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This is so relevant for the #OneVetTeam
Having intentional conversations and noticing when we start “them and us” conversations
Worth a look
Then a thought
Then plan to modify team talk
“We change the world when we change what we do”
Quote Alison Lambert all of this year!

https://www.veterinarywebinars.com/mvd-reg fab short bite sized free CPD/CE all about MVD
@cardiovet_uk Mike Martin does the clinical, Alison does the communication piece
Have a look
Great project by @CevaSanteAnimal
“We deliver great pet outcomes when we work with owners”
It’s a journey #cx

2 conversations this week
Both because we would be honest even if it wasn’t what folks wanted to hear
Others had not been!
So yes #honest is a value of #TeamOnswitch
We will always be honest based on available data & experience
Might not be what you want to hear #Values

Fascinating explanation of needle gauge size and why as they get smaller the number gets bigger
Worth a read #OneVetTeam
Love stuff like this

Check your cupboards!
The first batch of old PCs and Tablets and PCs has gone to our local school via the parish council
Great local community system to clean up and re purpose kit for kids who need for learning
20 devices reworked
#community #OneVetTeam

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