What is Vet CPD and how can i access Vet CPD online courses?

What is Vet CPD?

Veterinary Continuing Professional Development (Vet CPD) is the process by which vets continually maintain, improve and broaden their professional and personal skills and knowledge to ensure they remain professionally competent. In the UK, all practising vets must undertake a minimum of 105 hours of Vet CPD in any three-year period, with an average of 35 hours per year. This applies whether you are full or part-time, regardless of the number of hours you work.


Vet CPD courses

It’s not just clinical and surgical skills that vets need to learn and polish regularly, in order to stay up to date with latest developments and best practice. Clients choose and continue to use a veterinary practice as a result of a number of emotional and practical factors, and this whole ‘customer experience’ should therefore be a crucial focus for all vets in an increasingly crowded and competitive market. Vet CPD courses will help you and your team optimise each of the touch points on the client journey to and through the practice, so that pets and owners receive the consistently great care that builds trust, strengthens bonds between vet and client and helps your customers recommend you. Vet CPD courses will help you learn techniques to identify and defuse difficult situations and communicate effectively with clients in the limited consult time available.


Onswitch Vet CPD

When it comes to Vet CPD, Onswitch is one of the most trusted and experienced providers, delivering workshops, webinars and online CPD courses across the UK. Every Onswitch Vet CPD trainer has worked as a vet or nurse and so they understand the challenges and issues facing you every day. We offer a wide range of one-day Vet CPD courses for the whole team onboard our mobile training venue, Bertha Bus:

You can check out the current schedule, watch a short video explaining course content for each and book your place for Vet CPD at onswitch.co.uk


We also manage Cxclub, a huge online library of Vet CPD content, streamed on demand so you can choose a time and place convenient to you. One great value monthly practice subscription unlocks unlimited access to Onswitch Vet CPD content for up to ten team members, covering every aspect of customer care and the client experience. As an added bonus, there is no limit to the proportion that online learning can make up of your annual Vet CPD hours, so with Onswitch online Vet CPD courses you can access valuable and impactful personal and professional development whenever and wherever you want.

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