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Onswitch’s 5 Steps Telephone Skills

Onswitch’s 5 Steps Telephone Skills is an evidence based, tried and tested process for delivering an excellent customer experience over the telephone, and is tailored to the Australian Veterinary Market. The training days will be delivered by Alison Lambert, Founder and Managing Director of Onswitch.

The day will focus on:

– Introducing the Customer Journey and owner perspective.

– Why footfall matters

– How owners choose a vet and the role of the phone in practice.

– The importance of the first call.

– What happens when we ring a practice?

– Introducing and practicing the Onswitch 5 Steps framework

– Learnings to take back to practice.

Every course attendee on the course will enjoy uniquely engaging and highly interactive 5 Steps training.

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Alison Lambert

Dates and Locations

May 2020

Friday 1st – Perth

Thursday 7th – Melbourne

Monday 18th – Sydney


$430 plus gst

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